After Dinner Drinks

Dessert Wine

De Boroli Deen Vat 5 Botrytis Semmillon – Australia (Half Bottle)

Superb! Rich with classic apricot & honey notes.

Glass 125ml £6.40 Bottle £18.50


Sanchez Romate Cream

Fruit aromas with hints of oak. Smooth, sweet & velvety.
A perfect example of a harmonious balance.

Glass 75ml £3.25

Sanchez Romate Fino

A classic fino with a dry palate, delicate fragrance and pleasant acidity.
The perfect aperitif.

Glass 75ml £3.25


Taylors LBV 2012

Elegant & stylish with intense blackcurrant and cherry aromas.

Glass 75ml £4

Warres Vintage 2007

A refined & polished port. Complex layers of black fruits & berries. Silky & robust.

Half Bottle £45


Courvoisier X0

Apricot, toasted brown sugar and cacao on the nose. Oakey elements,
fresh violet petal and strawberries on the palate. Rounded orange & old oak to finish.

Single £9.95


Café Patron XO Coffee Liquer

Made and blended within Jalisco, Mexico.
The finest tequila region in the country and by proxy the world!



Espresso Martini

Ciroc Vodka – Tia Maria – Double Espresso – Sugar


Duckling Martini

Ciroc Vanilla Vodka – Passoa – Passionfruit Puree – Passionfruit Juice Lime Juice – Shot of Prosecco



Bacardi – Limes – Fresh Mint – Sugar – Soda Water


Raspberry Bellini

Prosecco – Chambord – Raspberries


Elderflower Spritz

Bombay Sapphire Gin – Prosecco – Elderflower Cordial – Soda Water – Cucumber


American Whiskey/Bourbon


Superior & sweet. Notes of oak, creamy vanilla, coconut & nutty caramel.

Single £4.50 Double £6.75

Irish Whiskey

Jameson’s Black Barrel

Silky smooth. Notes of nutty spice, vanilla sweetness &sherried fruit.

Single £5 Double £7.50

Scotch Whiskey

Tomatin 14-Year-Old Port Wood Finish (Highlands)

Soft & Smooth. Notes of sweet red berries, baked apples & nuts.

Single £5.50 Double £8.25

Auchentoshan 12 Year Old (Lowland)

Smooth & sweet. Notes of toasted almonds, caramelised toffee & ginger nut.

Single £5 Double £7.50

Bruichladdich Classic Laddie (Islay)

Non peated & smooth. Soft floral notes & honey sweetness.

Single £5 Double £7.50

Japanese Whiskey

Nikka from the Barrel

Full bodied & powerful. Notes of fruit, spice, oak & vanilla.

Single £5.50 Double £8.25

Nikka Coffey Grain

Complex & mellow. Notes of exotic fruits, spice, toffee & citrus zest.

Single £6 Double £9


Very elegant notes of Banana, Liquorice, Ginger & Cinnamon.

Single £7.50 Double £11.25

Hot Beverages

All Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate supplied to us by the lovely people behind Hundred House Coffee.
Specialty coffee roasters based in the rural hills of Shropshire. Whom combine expertise with passion to
source, roast and supply unique coffees from small holds around the world.

Americano £2.50

Latte £2.80

Cappuccino £2.80

Single Espresso £1.95

Double Espresso £2.50

Flat White £2.50

Mocha £2.80

Hot Chocolate £2.80

English Breakfast Tea £2.50

Peppermint Tea £2.50

Earl Grey Tea £2.50